The Zenline

The Zenline software is embedded in all zenjet printers. It can be used from watether device (Zenjet Terminal, PC, Smartphone, Tablet).

Printers set-up

Message layout

Printers management

The Zenline Multi Software

The Zenline Multi software enables to monitor one or several printers from a central point through Wifi or RJ45 connection
This software is included in all zenjet terminals or can be installed on a PC.

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Our inks benefits

TIJ inks with tremendous quality performance

An excellent adhesion on most surfaces used in industrial coding with a guarantee of performance regarding restart when stopping the production (up to 1 day decap time). Drying time on most of substrate is instant.

Reliable inks for a wide range of market sectors

Zenjet coding inks are used in many market sectors such as food, beverage, dairy; pharmaceutical and healthcare; construction, cable and wire and extrusion, electronic and aerospace components.

TIJ Inks for Wide range of Substrates

Zenjet coding has developed a wide range of inks in order to code most substrates used in the industry like glass, steel, tin, aluminium ABS, acrylic, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, polyethylene, polystyrene, PP, PVC, PP, PET Nylon….

Optimize print quality with automatic cartridge detection

This automatic cartridge detection ensures to automatically load the proper ink driver in order to always guaranty the nest printing quality. This system allows to always give the proper ink consumption and guarantee the ink level accuracy.

A cartridge recycling program

Zenjet coding or some of its representative has put in place a cartridge recycling program in order to recover and recycle empty cartridges.

Our printers range

Zenjet coding is offering a wide printer range in order to fit with many applications.